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Industrial Hygiene Study

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Industrial Hygiene Study

Quantitative IH Assessment - Evaluation of actual personnel workplace exposure to chemical, physical, radiological, and/or biological agents using accredited numerical and mathematical analysis

Exposure assessment entails the identification, characterization, estimation, and evaluation of workplace exposures and is a primary mechanism for decision-making in the prevention of occupational injury and illness. Exposure information is critical for determining if a chemical contaminant poses a risk to workers. The success of any exposure assessment is related to its design and inherent sampling strategy. Proper advanced planning minimizes sampling and measurement errors and maximizes the likelihood of obtaining useful information. This should include developing a written sampling plan with sufficient detail to describe the purpose(s), objectives, methodologies, how results will be interpreted and communicated, and how data will be managed.

  • Indoor Air Quality/Fugitive Emission Monitoring
  • Temperature/ Humidity/ Illumination Monitoring
  • Air Velocity/ Air Change Rate Measurements
  • Bulk Asbestos/ Airborne Fibers and Dust in Filters