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Laboratory Service

Air Aqua’s Laboratory is an integral unit of Grass Roots Research & Creation India (P) Ltd, and is used for utilisation of scientific techniques to facilitate protection of the environment. It is recognised by MoEF&CC and also accredited by NABL. The Laboratory is committed to render reliable services to its customers in accordance with National/ International, customer specific standards and good professional practices with continual improvement in system and services. As a NABL accredited laboratory in India, we extend the finest quality lab services for physical, chemical and microbiological testing. The laboratory has sophisticated instruments like ICP-OES, GC-MS, NDIR CO Monitor, Automatic Weather Monitoring Stations, AAS, GC, Noise Level and Wave Length Monitors and all other requisite instruments and software.

Air Aqua Laboratory is dedicated to performing all types of tests/analytical activities, in accordance with the requirements conforming to National and International Standards, meeting the needs of professionals/ interested bodies for carrying out EIA as well as customer specific studies. It provides complete analytical solutions using the expertise of trained and experienced professionals. It is a proficient environmental testing laboratory in India and takes pride in offering services from scientific-minded and passionate environmentalists to comprehend the problem and mitigate the environmental changes. The laboratory also offers training facilities for capacity building of young Scientists / Engineers who have decided to pursue their career in the field of Environment.

Laboratory Services :
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Analysis of Ground, Surface and Waste Water
  • Meteorological Monitoring (Wind speed, Wind direction, Ambient temperature, Relative humidity, Rainfall & Cloud cover)
  • Soil Analysis & Testing
  • Monitoring of Ambient Air Quality / Work Zone Air Quality / Source Emission / Stack Emission and Fugitive Emission
  • Ambient, Work Place, Source, DG Noise Monitoring
  • Characterization of Soil and its Fertility
  • Microbiological Analysis of Water & Waste Water
  • Facilities of Bioassay of Industrial Effluent
  • Bio Monitoring (Zooplankton and Phytoplankton Identification) in Surface Water/ Sea

Our laboratory is recognised as the best soil testing laboratory in the country and is efficient in delivering optimal results for all analytical tests. As an efficient Air testing laboratory, we provide testing solutions to grapple with the problems of toxic air quality. At GRC India Training & Analytical Laboratory, customers get reliable air monitoring services by comprehensive testing for an accurate air quality index. Contact us to know more about our lab testing services for your projects.